Wildfire Ranch BBQ 4 Stars
Address: 317 NW Gilman Blvd
Issaquah, WA 98027
Phone: 425-392-1334
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: BBQ
Price Range: $6-$22 meals
Best Bets: Ribs, Corn Bread
Worst Bets: ?


Now THIS is Barbeque! I've heard people rave for years about local area BBQ places like Dixie's and Armadillo. Dixie's at least has some style and attitude, but Armadillo is just plain overrated. I was beginning to doubt we even HAD good BBQ around here, until we tried Wildfire.

I love ribs, so I got the chicken and pork ribs combo. It was excellent. Greasy, flavorful, and grilled to perfection, these were the ribs I had been looking for. The chicken wasn't quite as good, but I'm willing to overlook a lot for good ribs. They also serve beef ribs which looked tasty as well. The Beef Brisket Sandwich is also good, if you're not in the mood for quite as heavy or greasy a meal.

Besides the ribs, two other things make this place special - the atmosphere and cornbread. The place is very informal with outside and open seating on park bench style tables, like I can imagine many real BBQ joints would be down south. Also, the cornbread was very good, and they have honey bears you can grab and bring to your table - a lifesaver for me, since I practically drown my cornbread in honey.

Bottom Line: Real BBQ.

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