Sushi Land 4.5 Stars
Address: 138 107th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 425-455-2793
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Japanese Sushi
Price Range: $1-$3 per plate
Best Bets: White (Albacore) Tuna, Salmon, House Special Roll, Crab Salad
Worst Bets: ?


  • House Special roll
  • salmon
  • spicy tuna
  • white tuna
  • mackarel
  • tuna fish
  • flying fish roe
  • cucumber roll
  • pickled daikon radish roll
  • yellowtail (rare)
  • crab salad
  • Ice creams (coconut, green tea, coffee, mango)
  • california roll
  • Hand rolls on request
  • Shrimp Tempura on request

Let's clear something up right away - Sushi Land does NOT have the best sushi around. Nor does it have homey, comfortable decor. Sushi Land is a no-frills restaurant, where patrons sit around a conveyor belt that carries the sushi, and you pick off what you want, then pay for what you eat based on the color of the plates.

So why do we love this place? Three words - Cheap, Fast, and Good. The sushi here is good. Not "great" or "spectacular", but consistently good and well prepared. It's also inexpensive. Most of the plates are between one and two dollars, and with 2-6 pieces per plate, you can get a LOT for your money, probably more than most all-you-can-eat sushi joints. This is the most inexpensive sushi we've found ANYWHERE in the region. And unless you happen to go at a crowded time, it's also fast. We've had a dinner, DINNER, there in less than 15 minutes total. Since the food is already made, you're only limited by the speed of your own consumption.

They have a wide assortment of most every kind of sushi. Some of the more expensive and rare kinds you have to ask for specifically, like the Ikura (Salmon Eggs) and Uni (Sea Urchin). Some of our favorites are the Crab Salad ($1), House Special Roll ($1), White Tuna ($1.50), and Salmon ($1.50). But there is plenty of variety to satisfy any sushi lover. They also have a few non-sushi items you can order by request, like ice cream and miso soup.

Bottom Line: Good sushi, FABULOUS prices, and instant service.

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