Shamiana 4 Stars
Address: 10724 NE 68th ST
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: 425-827-4902
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Indian
Price Range: Entrees around $10
Best Bets: Tika Marsala, Cardamon Tea
Worst Bets: ?


  • Tika Marsala
  • Shamiana Chicken
  • Garlic Nan
  • Cardamon Tea
  • Mango Lassi
  • Rice Pudding - Traditional
  • Lentil bean flatbread
  • Mulligatawni Soup

Located in the Houghton Market area of Kirkland, this Indian restaurant is not run by Indians, strangely enough. The owners are a couple of Americans who spent about 20 years growing up in India and the surrounding area. They deliver excellent Indian food at reasonable prices, but it's not 100% traditional. It's like they took the best flavors and spices from Indian cuisine, and deliver dishes the way THEY enjoy them, instead of the most "traditional" way. After trying the food, we think they're onto something!

Everything we tried here we liked. The Mango Lassi was very fresh and tasty. The Tika Marsala was VERY good. The cardamon tea had a great subtile flavor, and came in a small elephant teapot. The whole place has the feel of a nice, family owned restaurant, who is more concerned with making you a great meal you'll enjoy than making a "fancy dinner".

A special note: vegetarians and vegans may love this restaurant, as they have many dishes without meat, and quite a few without any dairy. Their menu and staff are very conscious of special diets, and can help you out.

Bottom Line: Great non-traditional Indian food at reasonable prices.

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