Saigon City 4 Stars
Address: 15045 Bel-Red Rd
Bellevue, WA 98007
Phone: 425-401-0923
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Price Range: $5-$7 entrees
Best Bets: Pho
Worst Bets: "Bun" dishes (cold rice noodles)


  • House Special Pho
  • Rare beef Pho
  • Crispy Noodles
  • BBQ pork
  • Spring rolls
  • Egg rolls

This place has the best Pho we've found close to Redmond, and great family service. Almost everyone who works there is part of the family, and they're very personable. It's common to see the proprietor visiting each table, joking around, and making sure you're happy with your food. Saigon City has become a staple of our dining out.

We mainly go for the Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), and sometimes the spring rolls or egg rolls. The rolls are good, but a little on the small side. The Pho is always fresh and tasty though, and the best we've had outside of Seattle's international district.

The other items on the menu are more hit and miss. The BBQ port has great flavor, but there isn't enough of it. The Crispy Noodles are a special item off the menu, and that's worth trying. However, I tried a "bun" dish... a cold rice noodle salad with vegetables and grilled meats. It was okay, but left me unsatisfied. Pho is definitely their strength.

Bottom Line: Good pho, friendly family, and inexpensive.

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