Sabai Sabai 2 Stars
Address: 7104 Woodlawn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: 206-524-2500
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: About $8 entrees
Best Bets: House Special Noodles
Worst Bets: ?


  • House Special Noodles
  • Red Curry

An OK Thai restaurant, if you live in the Greenlake area of Seattle. The place seems too big and undecorated for a comfortable restaurant, and our service wasn't that good, despite us being one of the few occupied tables in the restaurant.

We actually ended up here because the really good Mexican restaurant down the block had a 1+ hour wait, and I imagine that's how this place gets a lot of business. The House Special Noodles were decent, with a flavor of peanut to them. The Red Curry was nothing noteworthy.

Bottom Line: Maybe OK for locals, but not worth the drive from Redmond.

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