Ranier BBQ 4.5 Stars
Address: 2919 Rainier Ave. S.
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-723-6671
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Price Range: $5-$10 entrees
Best Bets: Sweet & Sour Soup, Beef Short Ribs
Worst Bets: ?


Now THIS is what I'm talking about! What a find! Sure, Ranier BBQ is tucked away beside a Firestone Tire shop on Ranier Avenue, but it has absolutely wonderful food at dirt cheap prices.

Everything we tried was excellent. The beef short ribs were tender, well marinated, and expertly grilled. The sweet & sour seafood soup was excellent, with chunks of sweet pineapple and a sweet and tangy broth. We also asked the waiter to just bring us some other good dish, and he brought out some pork strips in a delicious spicy bbq sauce. It was all so good... I can't wait to go back, and neither should you!

Besides the great sit-down food, you can also get quick take-out. On the way out, I picked up a roast duck for only $12.50, and it too was very good. I've heard this place gets filled up with locals on Friday and Saturday night, meaning lots of men who get together and smoke and drink a lot. So if that's not your cup of tea, just go some other time. But the food is amazing, and you really have to try this place out.

Bottom Line: Amazingly good food, and so inexpensive!

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