Pho Hoa 2 Stars
Address: 15169 NE 24th
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 425-641-7898
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Vietnamese Pho
Price Range: $5-$6 per bowl
Best Bets: Pho (that's all they serve)
Worst Bets: -


Pho Hoa is an international chain that serves Vietnamese beef noodle soup, commonly known as "Pho" (pronounced "fuh"). It's a staple of Vietnamese cuisine, and makes a great lunch or light dinner food. We love pho. We could eat it several times a week. But not if Pho Hoa was the only place we could get it.

Don't get me wrong... Pho Hoa isn't bad. It's just that Pho Hoa is to Pho like McDonalds is to Hamburgers. If you want a REALLY good burger, McDonalds just isn't the place. But it can be tasty and convenient, and Pho Hoa offers a similar experience.

A note of caution: traditional Pho can include all sorts of beef parts, including tripe, tendons, and different cuts of meat. When you order, make sure you know what you're getting into. Pho Hoa thankfully includes a good menu that describes all of your choices.

Portions were standard, and service was quick. In another part of the country, I might visit Pho Hoa more often (being the addict that I am), but the Seattle area offers many superior Pho restaurants to choose from. Frequent one of those instad.

Bottom Line: OK Pho, but just another chain food.

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