La Costa 4 Stars
Address: 240 NW Gilman
Issaquah, WA 98027
Phone: 206-392-8980
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Mexican
Price Range: $7-$15 entrees
Best Bets: Sangria, Burrito Del Mar
Worst Bets: Tortilla Soup


La Costa is a Mexican restaurant in Issaquah specializing in Mexican Seafood dishes, something a little out of the ordinary. It isn't a chain, and has very good, unique dishes.

First, the drinks. Their Jumbo Margarita is good and large. They also have some of the best Sangria I've ever had - great fresh fruit taste and stylish glasses. The chips and salsa were also above average, with nice fresh tasting salsa.

On to the main courses. The Burrito Del Mar is a seafood burrito packed with real crab meat and shrimp. Nothing skimpy here - it was delicious! Watch out for the occasional small piece of crab shell though. The Chicken Tostada was also good, although the Tortilla Soup had a burnt taste to it that we didn't like. Their Crab Enchilada was similar to the Burrito Del Mar, but smaller.

Bottom Line: Good Mexican seafood and Sangria, with lots of real crab meat.

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