Delfino's Pizzeria 4 Stars
Address: 2675 NE University Village Mall
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-522-3466
Website: None
Directions: See a Map
Cuisine: Pizza
Price Range: $14-$25 pizzas
Best Bets: Spinach Deep Dish
Worst Bets: Any "small" size pizza


This Chicago Style pizza joint is located in a corner of University Village, next to the Barnes and Noble. The restaurant is small, and the decor is simple. You can tell they get a lot of college students here. But the pizza is really good, near the top of our pizza list.

You can order a standard deep dish, or a "stuffed" pizza that's actually two layers. We recommend the deep dish, since the stuffed can get too heavy and greasy with all that cheese. On this visit, we got two small pizzas, a "Popeye" or spinach pizza, and a sausage/mushroom/onion/green pepper pizza. Normally I love lots of meat on my pizzas, but the deep dish spinach is really tasty.

One factor we didn't consider was size. Our small pizzas were good, but seemed "deflated" with high crusts around the sides. By contrast, the table next to us got a large pizza, and it looked absolutely heaping with toppings. So go for the biggest size your party can handle. Or bigger. They also have take-and-bake pizzas you can bring home.

Bottom Line: The restaurant isn't fancy, but the pizza is very good.

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