Celtic Bayou 4 Stars
Address: 9702 W. Lk Samm Pkwy
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 425-885-1760
Website: http://www.farwestirelandbrewing.com/
Directions: See a Map, Driving Directions
Cuisine: American with a Northwest/Asian Influence
Price Range: $8-$14 entrees
Best Bets: Homemade Beers, Boiled Crawfish
Worst Bets: ?


  • Boiled Crawfish
  • Crawfish Entoufee
  • Jambalaya
  • Blackened Prawns
  • Beer Sampler
  • Stout Float

"Celtic Bayou?", you ask. "What the...?" Yes folks, it's a combination of an Irish Pub and Cajun cuisine. They brew a fine and diverse selection of ales right there, and the cajun food is both authentic and a great compliment to the beer. Why didn't anybody think of this great idea before? And it's right in the heart of Redmond.

They know how to brew beer. A great Beer Sampler is on the menu, and it's a perfect place for the first-timer to start. Sample lots of their beers, then choose one you like and order a pint with your meal. The food is as good as the beer... authentic cajun. The Boiled Crawfish was just what I hoped for - a heaping pile of spicy seasoned whole crawfish for you to eat as you like. The other main dishes were also tasty and authentic, but kind of small on the portions. That was our main complaint - the portions seemed small for the price.

But that's not enough to stop us from coming back. This place is great fun, with a real pub atmosphere including live music on the weekends - something Redmond has needed for a long time. I even got up the courage to try their Stout Float which is just as good as it sounds. Beer and Vanilla Ice cream. Yep. Let's just say it wasn't that bad, but I'd have to be pretty drunk to order it again.

Bottom Line: Great beer and atmosphere, and good cajun food if a little pricy.

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